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KOIOS: Natural Plant Power

  • "To conclude, if you are looking for a natural brain booster, KOIOS is the way to go. The impact is much more sustained than coffee and you'll reap nighttime benefits too. As I discuss in Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain, there is nothing wrong about safe and responsible use of natural, performance-enhancing substances for mental and physical gains."

    • Professional: Academic Researcher with a focus on neurobiology @ Morehouse School of Medicine and professor at Morehouse College

    • PHD Info: Kent State with a focus on neurobiology (PHD from Department of Biological Sciences)

    • CrossFit Games Experience: 2015 Regionals - Team, 2014 Regionals Athlete, 2013 CrossFit Games - Team, 2012 Regionals Athlete

    • Collegiate Athletic Background: Brown University Track & Field, 4 year varsity letterman, specialist in pole vault and hurdles

    meet our team

    Koios sponsors some of the smartest, grittiest, strongest and most unique and awesome athletes and top performers on the planet. From business leaders to ESPORTS athletes to players in the NFL. We are building an army of Mental Titans.

    • Mac Lethal

      Mac Lethal is a rapper, videographer, author, producer, entrepreneur, and undisputed Lyrical Master of The Universe, from Kansas City, Missouri.

      Mac Lethal
    • Dan "BOOMSAUCE" Tyminski

      Dan "BOOMSAUCE" Tyminski is a 3x CrossFit Games athlete, National Professional Grid League athlete, owner and head trainer at CrossFit Lindy in Long Island, New York, and is also an ISSA certified personal trainer.

      Dan "BOOMSAUCE" Tyminski
    • Leah West

      Leah West is a CrossFit athlete and coach in Puerto Rico

      Leah West

    What if you Could?

    • Have heightened brain activity

    • Have all day mental clarity and energy

    • Increase Focus

    • Increase Cognitive Function

    • Increase speed of thought

    • Improve Memory Recall

    • Increase mental and physical endurance

    • Sleep Better


    • Brandon Miree, Former Denver
      Bronco and Independent Film Maker.

      It creates a definite spark. You're more awake and focused than you have ever been,
      but you don't feel tweaked out. When I take KOIOS, my output is definitely increased without any side effects.

    • Antonio Sabatini, Former MLB Baseball Player,
      Professional Actor and Model

      When I take KOIOS my thoughts are crystal clear.
      I can memorize and retain lines easier and I have energy and focus all day.

    • Jeff Keith, professional screenwriter

      Clarity is key. When you take KOIOS, it is actually doing something good for your mind, as opposed to giving you temporary
      energy so you can push through another all-nighter, or put in long hours at the office. KOIOS is unlike energy
      drinks or prescribed stimulants,in that it uses 11 earth-grown ingredients that specifically target brain function.

    • Scott Moore, US Gold Medalist Judo

      Being a Paralympian I pay attention to what's in my body. KOIOS helps me work during the
      day with intense focus and incredible clarity. I find it also carries over into
      my training. I love this product.

    • Dr. Andrew M. Goldsmith

      Coming from a medical background, I am skeptical of most supplements and their claims.
      KOIOS not only works, it is backed by years of research and development.
      This product gives me a mental edge when I need it. I love KOIOS and recommend it to everyone.

    "KOIOS is one of the best nootropics we have ever tried." – Breaking Muscle

    Koios Features Nootropics Studied By Top Research
    Research Institutes Including:

    KOIOS was created to help people achieve mental dominance. Our product was developed out of a passion for healthy brain function. We wanted to give people a healthy and natural alternative to stimulants, energy drinks, coffee and drugs. Taking two KOIOS per day will create mental superiority and is less expensive than drinking Starbucks and much healthier than consuming energy drinks and pre-workouts.

    Koios enhances focus, concentration, mental capacity, memory retention, cognitive function, alertness, brain capacity and creates all day mental clarity and energy, without using large amounts of stimulants. It uses 11 ingredients specifically designed to target brain function by increasing blood flow, oxygen levels and neural connections in the brain. Our unique combination of ingredients allows our users to create all of the above benefits without harmful side effects, crashes or jitters that stimulants create.

    The ingredients contained within koios™ are shown to influence the brain by:

    • Sending more blood, oxygen and neural connection to the brain.

    • Feeding the brain what it needs to dominate.

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